Immortal is a game system using D10s, with simple math to determine difficulties and success levels. It uses a color coded system that breaks down stats, abilities and challenges in to one of nine colors, which describe stats like strength, vitality, awareness, resolve, movement, agility; and some more esoteric attributes, like immaculum (raw soul energy), and taint (tainted soul energy). The rules are simple enough to provide a quick ad-hoc solution to almost any situation, so storytelling under this system is very easy. Players tend to pick up the system within the first game, although the setting is very, very complex.

This iteration of the game, started in 2011, follows the story of a group of unassuming gamers, who were brought together by malicious forces only to discover their amazing heritage and thwart the plans of their captors. Now that they have overcome their first obstacle, they begin to step into immortal society, where the very same beings who demanded tribute from the ancient civilizations still plot against one another in an endless invisible war.


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