Leaving Nivela

When we last heard from our party, they were quite scattered. No one had seen Charles in a while, Preston had just signed up with the D’Arcade, John was seeking solace with the Tuatha and Mike was trying to join the Peri. And Jim and James were simply enjoying tea and scones on the streets of Nivela. Well, Mike found that the Peri were willing to let him embrace the earth, but it didn’t sit very well with him. John signed up with the Tuatha after meditating with the Sunedrion, convinced that he’d been given a vision of the future. When the team at Nivela decided to return, they didn’t wish to incur debt, but also didn’t really trust Preston to successfully bring them home either. So they sent Preston ahead with instructions to come back for them.

Preston made his way to the safe house fine, where he found a very excited Charles, Who had been away for a while, joining the Phoenix and also received a series of visions. However, on his return from Troy, Charles had accumulated a bit of Taint. Preston also acquired some taint, by failing several times to return to Nivela via the Ley network. His repeated failure also brought his taboo to bear, which was troublesome, since Preston was driving at the time. After a few fender benders and some irate drivers, Preston and Charles swapped seats and returned to the safe house. Now that they were both tainted, the decided to go hunting for some pure souls to cleanse their own taint. They made their way to a hospital, and Preston developed a brilliant plan to act wounded, and thus gain entry to the hospital, where they could prey upon the sick and hopefully, no one would notice their deaths. So Charles hit Preston in the face with the force of an Olympic bodybuilder, critically wounding Preston, and then carried him into the ER. Not surprisingly, but not in line with the plan, Preston was wheeled into surgery and given powerful sedatives and painkillers, which to a young immortal, might take months to wear off. Charles used this time to infiltrate the hospital, seeking a victim, but was quickly discovered and ousted by one of the doctors at the hospital. Charles returned to the safe house, dejected and empty handed.

Meanwhile, the team still in Nivela (Mike, James, and Jim) had decided that Preston had failed to navigate the Ley lines, and they were on their own to return. They bartered with Caleb, who gave them a fair deal of a future favor in exchange for a Ley portal. They found Charles, who was still very excited and eager to tell them about his prophecy, which was received with mixed reactions. They also found out that Preston was incapacitated and still in the hospital, so they mounted a rescue mission. When they were asked by a nurse to leave after a failed attempt at mental control, Jim, James and Mike distracted the security personnel while Charles flung Preston’s unconscious form from the third story window. Charles quickly followed, and tried to get Preston into the car. With a continued stroke of bad luck, the car was under investigation from the police, due to a long string of criminal mischief that it had been involved in, starting with it’s theft. Panicking, Charles quickly hid Preston beneath a truck that was parked in the hospital parking lot, and attempted to coerce a cabby to give him the cab. After several attempts of differing types of persuasion, the cabby proved too resilient and Charles exited the cab. Once again, Charles returned to the safe house, dejected and empty handed.

The group returned once again, gave a cursory search for Preston in the parking lot, and then decided that he would eventually recover, and let the hospital keep him. John had finished his initiation with the Tuatha, and returned with a story that almost mirrored the prophecy that Charles had given. With corroborating stories, the group was convinced enough of the purpose that had been laid before them: Retrieve the Sunedrion Arrow to be used to perhaps stem the oncoming tides of battle with the Sanguinary. Having learned that both ships were relatively near the Suez Canal, they decided (eventually) to charter a plane to Somalia. Not having a means to pay for the plane would not be a problem, Charles assured them, and began plotting to blackmail or even kidnap a pilot’s family. The group suggested that perhaps if he were able to successfully control the pilot’s mind, it might be a quicker path to success. Reluctantly, Charles agreed to once again risk his soul in an attempt to use his new and largely untested powers. Charles succeeded, and instructed the pilot to deliver them to Somalia, no questions asked. When they arrived, the pilot was very disturbed to find that the group had no intent to compensate him for the trip, and in fact the only reply they offered to his outrage was to leave, because the locals would probably steal his plane and or kill him before too long.

After a short walk, the group (at this point, John, James, Mike, Charles and an unusually quiet Jim) found what looked like a fishing village. There were a few people, destitute and desperate, they watched these armed and apparently affluent foreigners walk through the village and to the nicest building in the village, which was the one that still had a roof on it. Once inside, the party asked how to get in touch with the officials that were searching for the stolen oil tanker. The locals inside insisted that they knew nothing about oil, but the party began to suspect otherwise, and pressed harder. When one of the locals reached for a gun, the situation escalated to a stand off. Mike instructed John to take the weapon from the local, but when he approached, the local made a move to shoot at John. James reacted and immediately put a round through the genitals of the local (the definition of a ‘dick move’?) and it was then that the firefight started. Several of the villagers had been outside, prepared for the possibility of violence, an all too common occurrence in modern Somalia, and answered by firing in the windows and even through the plaster from outside. Inside, another of the locals attempted to reach for a weapon and was mutilated by a shotgun blast to his shoulder. John decided that he had had enough, and called upon his himsati, bursting through the roof and using his roots to entangle and crush the villagers that surrounded the hut. Charles rushed outside, but by the time he had engaged with any of them, John had disabled or killed all of them. He had even used the opportunity to drink in the life force of one of the assailants in order to cleanse his taint.

The party was gathering the survivors and searching for witnesses when we stopped for the evening.

Game date/time the night of the fishing village massacre was April 3rd, 1500 local.


Cullen Cullen

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