Charles Simmons

A new Immortal of the Pride Phoenix Charles Simmons is a latent Telepathic who recently received a vision of doom. Charles is now starting do whatever it take to prevent it from happening.


Charles – Fire/Crow Himsati
Tier – _
Halo Max _ New mote cost _
Prime Aspect -

Absorb Element- You can absorb your element into you, making you able to touch a fire and extinguish it. You are then able to project that element as an attack.
Mechanic – You can, at will, absorb fire. This consumes an area of fire at a size and rate determined by your CI. You are then able to project that fire as a weapon, it’s range and damage based on your CI.
Note – This nature also makes you immune to fire while it is active.
Cost – 0

Burning Essence – You are constantly aflame. You can elect for this fire to be harmless or harmful.
Mechanic – if you choose, you deal damage to any material which can burn based on your CI. This damage is treated separately from melee damage.
Cost – 0

Flight – You fly, without wings.
Mechanic – You can move at speeds determined by your green halo while this nature is active.
Cost – 0

Luminescence – You glow with a brilliant radiance.
Mechanic – You glow brightly, placing those who look directly at you under a visibility hostile equal to your CI. A null on this hostile induces blindness for a number of hours equal to your RI
Cost – 0

Majesty – Your physical appearance is so engaging that your opponents are awed and unable to harm you.
Mechanic – Your opponents must overcome a red hostile equal to your CI to take aggressive action on you. A null on this hostile will cause them to defend you, even against their allies. This nature is negated by aggressive actions on your part.
Cost – 0


Charles Simmons

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