Cro-Magnon Himsati, Eremite Pride, Highbinder Calling


Chris is a technophile, and is always seeking out gadgets both ancient and cutting edge. He is one of the rare immortals who has firmly committed to ranged combat. However, due to several Mystech devices that he has discovered and managed to understand and activate, he is quite a threat at any range. He has combined these ancient Abzulim artifacts with modern communications , imagery, and telemetry equipment to become a combat threat far beyond what his relatively weak halo would suggest. He is a fringe member of every immortal group he has ever pledged allegiance to, and is only tolerated by the Eremites because of his himsati and his uncanny knack at discovering and deciphering ancient Abzulim Mystech.

A member of the Las Vegas Cadre, he claims fame from such feats as the recovery of the Femme Darkle, and the slaying of the Abzulim, Shiakata. This Cadre includes Cullen, Juliet, Mike, and Kate


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