Leopard Himsati, Terat Pride, Emmissary calling


Tier 14

FI: 10
Red: 8
Violet : 7
Orange: 6
Yellow: 8
Blue: 6
Green: 7

Visage: 2

Prime: Armor, Natural Weaponry, Leap, Musk Temperature Tolerance:Cold, Danger

Yellow: Camouflage

Green: Wings

Red: Poison

Violet: Solace

Blue: Deafen

Serenades: Rank
Allure 1+
Chevron 1+
Cantabile 2+
Evensong 1+
Iris 2+
Ley 2+
Metaphor 4+
Nostrum 3+
Psychomachia 1+
Scribe 1+
Somnus 2+
Tattoo 1+
Xenoglossia 4+
Melange 3+
Savage 3+


Aggressions Rank
Bite 5
Claw 5
Dodge 4
Archery 2
Rifle 2
Academics Rank
Anatomy 1
Astronomy 1
Biology 1
Botany 1
Cartography 1
Chemistry 1
Ecology 1
Engineering 1
Language: Atlantean 1
Mathematics 2
Mythology 2
Navigation 2
Philosophy 2
Physics 3
Research 2
Genteels Rank
Probing 2
Legacies Rank
Adrenaline 3
Animas 2
Dark Page 2
Deviation 3
Ornamentation 3
Valor 3

A modern immortal, he has risen rapidly in power and status, largely due to his part in recovering the Femme Darkle and the destruction of an Abzulim. He has shown disdain for the politics of immortal society, and has not been very good at it. He is often seen acting outside his calling in his search for young immortals, who he feels have great power both in anonymity, and in the fact that they are not tied down by hundreds of years of plotting and intrigue.

He has been known to associate loosely with the modern incarnations of the Titans, has shown affinity for Persian culture, and has been scorned by the Magdalen, eschewing the pride of his avatars for the Terat. He has few that he would consider enemies, but many that consider him a threat, despite his abysmally low visage.


Immortal Cullen Cullen