David (Hades)

Fire-Raven Himsati, Phoenix Pride, Keeper Calling


David, who has also claimed to be the modern avatar of Hades, is a very flashy and image-centric personality. He always tends to the dramatic, flashy entrances and displays of power. He has chosen the portfolio of his avatar, dealing in fire, fear, and the afterlife. He often searches the world for mortals who are dying, and offers to save them in exchange for some of their immaculum. He has shown an intense interest in both the blue air, and what the Banjax call “the one soul” He also frequently approaches the youngest members of the perpetual society, asking if they remember any of the lives that they had lived between incarnations. He feels as if the mortals have a type of immortality of their own, being drawn into the one soul, only to be re-birthed with a mix of their own and all of humanities memories locked deep inside. Despite a high energy and seemingly frivolous demeanor, David is quite cunning and thoughtful.

He has shown strong ties to a group of ingenue that he emerged with, professing stronger loyalty to them than to his pride.

David (Hades)

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