A little out of place, but smart as hell and enjoys a challenge.

FreeI LooseI Red Violet Blue Green Yellow Orange
Resolve Resillience Awareness Movement Expertise Force
0 0 4 3 4 3 4 3
tainted x 0 0 0 0 0 0

Tier: 3
Memory: 131 / spent:54

Himsati: Snake/Light
Pride: none
Calling: none


Taboo: None
Babbler: None
Visage: None

M1911A1, M107A1, Body Armor, Muela


Recently moved from Utah to take a job back east, I have been living alone until relocation is feasible.

Somehow I managed to get myself drugged and carted away to Pennsylvania by the Illuminati where I found myself caged with 3 other men while the captors interviewed us. We were freed from the compound by strange men killing guards; but not before I received a “first ever bullet wound”.

In other news:

I read the last two chapters of “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” while sitting outside Ford’s Theater on the steps of the house where he died. (that counts as bio fodder right?)

Oh, and almost forgot:

Content Not Found: wifey_, Content Not Found: daughter_, Content Not Found: son.


Immortal Cullen JamesErickson