House cat Himsati, Anopheles Pride, Probe Calling


Juliet is a sensual creature, and pretty, if not quite as stunning as many of the Anopheles. She often favors sleek, solid colors of dress, and moves always with the grace of her Himsati. She is also prone to strong curiosity, playfulness, and fierce independence. She prefers to play the role of the muse within her pride, inspiring and driving fellow immortals and mortals to create.

Juliet (not Shakespear’s Juliet) was a member of the recent Cadre to emerge from Las Vegas, in 2001. Her Cadre includes Cullen (Terat), Mike (Banjax), Chris (Eremite) and Kate (Morrigan). This Cadre has been influential in the past few years, claiming such high profile victories as recovering the Femme Darkle, and the slaying of Shiakata the Raker. Since that victory, the Cadre has went there separate ways, although they still seem to meet and deal frequently.



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