Dove Himsati, Morrigan Pride, Juggler Calling


Kate is a peaceful kind of person, always attempting to disarm volatile situations, and when unable to avoid conflict, tends to support her allies by disorienting, confusing and hindering enemies while simultaneously bolstering her allies. She prefers to maintain her terrene form to access her extensive knowledge of serenades, although she often manifests just her wings nature, and thus appears as an angel with pure white wings. She has been known to appreciate the appearance, although she has never claimed to actually be an angel.

She is a member of the Las Vegas Cadre, known for such feats as recovering the Femme Darkle and the slaying of the Abzulim Shiakata. Her Cadre includes Cullen, Mike, Juliet and Content Not Found: chris. She is currently involved in a romantic relationship with Mike.


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