Lightning Himsati, Banjax Pride, Slayer Calling


Mike is mostly easy going, however he is very stubborn when he makes up his mind. He will laugh off initial attempts to dissuade him, but if pushed, will get downright belligerent. Mike loves a good fight, and will often come to blows relatively quickly, even if he suspects he might lose the fight. He has surprised many foes with a trick that he loves, by dimming his halo to appear weaker than he truly is, then quickly dispatching them after they have adjusted their halos to be heavily offensive expecting a short fight, taking advantage of his lightning speed.

A Member of the Las Vegas Cadre that includes Cullen, Juliet, Content Not Found: kate_, and _Content Not Found: chris. This Cadre is responsible for such feats as recovering the Femme Darkle and the slaying of an Abzulim, Shiakata. He is involved in a romantic relationship with Kate.


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