French Scepter

A golden scepter


The scepter is heavy, probably cast in gold. It has rounded ridges along the length of the main column, with a knob on the bottom. At the very lower tip is a raised ‘button’ (not a press me button, just a protuberance) The length of the rod tapers, small at the bottom and thicker at the top. The head of the scepter has three tines forming the outline of a sphere, eqidistant from each other. Within the hollow space formed by these tines is a sphere of dark blue velvet, it seems as if, by design, the cloth is somewhat loose, and there is a smaller object inside to keep it in a general sphere shape. At the crest of the sphere on top is three tines that, from the side, form the shape of a fleur de lis. These three tines are offset with the three tines that outline the sphere, making the top-down view seem as if there are six lines. The fleur de lis tines are encrusted with small white gemstones.

If you look at the scepter end on from below, you notice there are gemstones set near the bases of the six tines. A small ruby, a small amethest, a small sapphire, a small emerald, a small orange garnet, and a small but vividly yellow topaz.


French Scepter

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