Scimitar of Aruj

A damascus Scimitar

weapon (melee)

A weapon that acts as a damage 6 melee weapon with a bulk hostile of 2. It will not degrade under typical use unless repeatedly striking armor with a hardness of 11 or greater (forged steel).

This weapon has the obvious patterns and swirls of Damascus steel along it’s entire blade. The hilt is finished in a fiery red enamel, and the hand-guard, pommel and counterweight are all polished brass.


Charles came across the weapon when the party was sneaking in the Smithsonian Museum. After recalling his past life Aruj or Redbeared using it he has been training to become a better sword user. He has much to learn as the compulsion to lethally cut is still an issue for him.

Scimitar of Aruj

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