W00t! I stole some gear!
--nothing to see here folks.. move along.

Vandalism ensues as a still mortal James gears up to protect his mortality and increase his usefulness.

“How is this done?” you might ask. “How is this possible?” exploitation, theft, and enjoying every minute of it.

The story so far

The party has escaped the clutches of the Illuminati, and dealt a telling blow to the organization, destroying a large chapter of the organization and stealing a database of collected knowledge on the perpetual society.

They were able to gather a few relics from the store house of the Illuminati:
a Damascus steel Scimitar, which evoked an avatar within one of the players, that of Oruç Reis

An Ivory rod which was carved with Norse Runes and has an as-yet undiscovered purpose.

A Scepter that appears to be related to pre-revolution french nobility.

A Golden-sun amulet that was found to have two motes of immaculum tied to it.

A handful of uncut crystals, possibly gem-quality that Mike found discreetly and shoved into a pocket.

In addition to treasures, the party was also introduced to the terrible power of religarum, the magic that humans can access via their faith, and that the Illuminati have had great training in. The magic, in addition to leaving some painful burns, also inflicted powerful curses upon two member of the party, and they immediately set about to learn more about these curses, especially possible cures.

There was also a palpable frustration among the party, relating to their position within immortal society, being expected to follow rules that no one ever told them, and being pitted against powers that they feel they were not prepared for. The only loose thread is the whereabouts of Ed, who disappeared several days ago and hasn’t been heard from since.

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