Pride Anopheles is the oldest pride. Created by the Abzulim long ago, they have a long history, including summoning the Trine, overthrowing the Abzulim overlords and establishing the Stratagem. They are masters of emotions, manipulating mortals and immortals alike to achieve their goals.

The support the stratagem, it was largely their idea.

They support the silence, and spend most of their time simply socializing with humans that they deem worthy, both inside and out of mantles.

They love humanity, they feel as if such short lives have taught humans how to really live on the edge.

They don’t typically use their himsatis much, but they don’t entirely forbid their use, either.

They aren’t huge fans of the Masquerade, but they understand it’s purpose. They remember the days of myth and mysticism with fondness.

Regarding other prides:

Arachne- These alien creatures at least try to remove all emotion from themselves. This makes them very difficult, but not impossible, for us to manipulate. We simply do not understand why they would throw away that which makes them alive and more than a machine.

Banjax – These freedom fighters freed us from the hell that was Sheol, and for that we are very grateful. And lets not forget that they gave us Lethe, with which we can have fresh experiences from familiar things. But that doesn’t mean we won’t ignite their passions to support our goals every once in a while.

Dracul – Warrior monks of the east, their discipline is unmatched. But everyone wants something, and we can usually provide.

Eremites – Their fervor is disgusting, but they have their uses just like any other. They usually support noble goals, at least.

Magdalen – Surprisingly, the Magdalen are probably the closest pride to our own, as far as ideals go. They seek to expand their knowledge so that they can expand their knowledge even further. Where they spend their efforts on books, we spend it on people. Find a rare book and they will do anything you ask. Who would have thought that the socialites and the nerds would make such close comparisons.

Morrigan – The first to remind anyone that they are the scepter pride, as if we could forget. These ‘lords of the sky’ simply have the advantage of oversight. Their pride and vanity are the secret to controlling them.

Nimrod – We know what lurks in the dark hearts of these women. They may not be tainted as far as we can see, but the darkness of their souls is plain to anyone who can see the other end of that silver leash.

Phoenix – These masochists are a strange breed. They probably coined the phrase “no pain, no gain”. it seems like every time we feel that we get one of them under our thumb, he gets called home and changed, somehow.

Peri – These poor tools are so easily manipulated. Simply convince them that you’re standing up for what you believe in and they’ll fight with you to the bitter end. It’s a shame that there are so few of them left anymore.

Terat – The monsters from our dreams, to hear them tell it. They are interested only in themselves, claiming to be training for the inevitable battle with the sanguinary. As if that battle will actually be fought with tooth and claw. That fight will be in our minds, with our very souls. They can’t see that we are training for the real fight, teasing and tempting ourselves over and over, so that we have control of our desires.

Tuatha – As long as they have their trees, they are happy. So how do give something to someone who has the only thing they want? Take it from them first.


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