Pride Arachne is entirely made up of insect himsatis. They seem to surrender their emotions and a large part of their ‘self’ to become connected to a sort of hive mind they call the Oneness. This makes them very strange to deal with, as they simultaneously do not feel as most beings feel, and have mental access to a huge network of group-thinking immortals. They are known to play the mercenary from time to time, exacting payment in the form of emotions. They remove the ability for the person to feel that emotion, but what they do with it is known only within the pride. They have a fascination with causality and time. They feel as if it is possible, with enough viewpoints, to understand how everything is tied together, and thus, gain prescience.

The Arachne as a hive have existed almost as long as the Abzulim, since they were the first slave race to be created, and were intended to be the builders of the Abzulim empire. To this day, the Arachne are excellent architects of both buildings and schemes.

They participate in the Stratagem, but aren’t huge fans of it. A spider doesn’t simply tell the fly that it is superior, it simply eats it.

They support the Silence. The Shouting Wars ripped at the very fabric of reality, at times threatening to unravel it. They realize how powerful and dangerous Serenades can be.

They are very active in their himsatis. Their distance from their emotions gives them some resistance to the Sanguinary, and the oneness can also help detect the intrusion.

They are largely unconcerned with humanity. The Arachne seek to understand reality itself, they won’t waste time with simple primates. Occasionally they show great interest in a mortal scientist with crackpot theories.

They don’t concern themselves with the Masquerade much. They have a small number of jugglers who, through the oneness, know when and where they are needed to clean up after the few members that must interact with humanity.

Regarding other prides:

Anopheles- The Anopheles will never give up their emotions. And we are largely uninterested in what they have to offer. The only time we interact is when their plans and ours are at odds. Overall analysis: Threat mild to moderate.

Banjax – The destroyers often seek our help, but rarely are they willing to pay the price. Their wild swings occasionally interfere with our work, but direct conflict would typically be too costly. We must interact with them if only to aim their fury away from our interests.
Threat: Moderate

Dracul – Throughout history, our prides have gone from friend to foe and back several times. We are currently at a relative peace, but they are still not to be trusted. Threat: Moderate to High

Eremites – These upstarts claim that the humans have some sort of insight into reality that we lack, due to their ability to interact with death. We think the monkeys are simply inflating their own ego. Threat: Mild

Magdalen – They style themselves masters of arcane knowledge. Sure, they may know a few random facts that we do not, but they do not understand the nature of the universe as we do. Our studies and our oneness allow us to statistically predict the future with surprising accuracy. Threat: Mild

Nimrod – The jailers are sinister, their agenda is their own, and the silence supports it. But the silence is also necessary. Threat: Moderate

Phoenix – Their fires have burned away our strands of control many times. But we are patient. Their passions get them in trouble, and they won’t always return from the ashes. Threat : Mild to Moderate

Peri – The Peri were born to be tools, and remain so to this day. At least now they can choose their wielders. Threat: Mild *they can always be employed by our enemies, but so too can we employ them.

Terat – They claim to have thrown off the chains of the Sanguinary. All appearances support their claim, but it is not easy to throw off those bonds, more so when your entire pride is enthralled. We watch them very closely. Threat: Moderate to High *threat based on assumed Sanguinary ploy

Tuatha – They are content to protect what Sunedrion are left. It is quite possible that all life flows from these trees. We will go so far as to aid them, should they require it. Threat: None


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