Pride Banjax is a relatively new pride, formed within the prison of Sheol, they were led by spirits that claimed to have been prowling the blue air for millions of years. A pride of freedom fighters, and regular fighters. They are a rough and tumble sort who are looking for reasons to fight, although they typically pick to support the underdog and the oppressed. They are also fascinated with death, and what happens to mortal spirits when they die. Grass is always greener, am I right?

They participate in the Stratagem, but aren’t huge fans of it. A system of rules that keeps us in place AND prevents a good fight?

They do not support the silence. But they do fear the Nimrod and their reprisals. A Banjax still won’t hold themselves back for very long.

They are not very active in their himsatis. They prefer to master the fighting styles of mortals, so they can fit in and lead their crusades.

They are fascinated with humanity and their ability to die and even be reborn. It is said that the practice of Lethe was discovered because of Banjax and their study of death and rebirth among mortals. They claim that all life on earth flows from and returns to some single pool of life and soul energy.

They support the Masquerade, it helps with their close investigations among the humans.

Regarding other prides:

Anopheles- These guys are the embodiment of the downfall of Rome. Powerful once, but now just wasting away in their luxury.

Arachne – Creepy bug-borg thing. They completely give up who they are to live within the group-think. Giving up their liberty for a sense of community, or security? I don’t get it.

Dracul – Monks and spiritualists from the east, quiet, meditative, and really good fighters.

Eremites – They claim to be about freedom and all that jazz, but only for humans. Everything else is a lesser being, apparently even us. I think they are just trying to make themselves feel superior because they are so close to humans, genetically.

Magdalen – These nerds hole up in their monasteries and libraries with their books, ignoring the world as it is, and trying to decipher the between the lines shit. But if you need to know something, they are the ones to ask.

Nimrod – Those bitches are responsible for most of the shit that all immortals have to deal with. Alright, maybe not most, but way too much for them to be accepted as part of us. If it weren’t for them, we’d still be walking around like gods.

Phoenix – They’ve got the right idea, free the mind and all, but they work on a personal scale and usually hurt at least as much as they help.

Peri – The Peri are amazing allies, and remember how bad-ass you felt when you first awoke, comparing yourself to your former peers? A good Peri in your hands will make you feel like that among your peers now. But they are fickle and usually don’t stick around long.

Terat – Try to be on the same side as these guys. There’s a reason Himsati translates to “the form that injures”. And these guys are good at it. At least a chimera can’t hold a Peri… That’d be a scary sight.

Tuatha – These faeries just hang out with their trees all the time, trying not to get involved in anything. Outta sight, outta mind.


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