Dracul has developed along the philosophies that internal reflection is the only pure way to advance the soul. Everything that they do, they do with clear heads and convinced of it’s importance. Deliberate, dedicated, and disciplined. The Dracul seek to reach Eidos by following the example of Sharakai, and shape their evolution to become like the dragon.

They support the stratagem, for it matches their philosophy very well.

They support the Silence, the Lash is a scary memory.

They use their Himsatis sparingly, but they train with them profusely within their creches. Their status within the pride is dependent on their mastery of the Himsati, and how close they are to the dragon. Most animals are represented within the Dracul, but the majority fall within the schools of kung fu (Tiger, monkey, crane, mantis, etc.)

They were also one of the first prides to embrace humanity as more than worshipers and servants. They trained humans to purify themselves as well, welcomed them to study their basic martial arts, taught them philosophy and how to interact with the world to better their station.

They follow along with the Masquerade, but do not really support it. It is not uncommon for a Dracul to appear to mortals as a helpful spirit or guardian creature. Mysticism is alive and well in Dracul territories, which is a double edged sword. The true believer does generate more immaculum, but it also engenders Religarum users, which can be very dangerous.

Regarding other prides:

Anopheles- Our ancient liberators. Those that summoned our progenitor and savior. They have a great and storied history. Their present state only encourages us to maintain our vigilance and discipline.

Arachne – The Arachne seek to control themselves by denying themselves. The true path lies in mastery of ones self.

Banjax – A sword with no handle.

Eremites – The crusaders support noble goals. Their folly is in believing that anything is inherently superior to anything else.

Magdalen – The scholars gather knowledge the way ants gather food. Relentlessly, even ruthlessly. However they have shown themselves to sometimes be irresponsible with that knowledge.

Nimrod – The Nimrod rescued us from the Lash. We volunteered to enter Sheol. If only there could have been another way.

Phoenix – They embody one of our ancient teaching legends. A creature who lives too fast, too powerfully, and consumes his own body, only to be reborn. We fear that they also consume their soul, which may not be purified by their flames.

Peri – The Peri taught us much about warfare, in the ancient times. All warfare is descended or evolved from their examples. We wonder if they are as few as is believed, or if they simply slumber, scattered in various troves throughout the dominions or lost mantles.

Terat – The Terat are an interesting group. Our kind has warred with them for millions of years, and without warning, they suddenly appear, in mass, and join our ranks. If what they claim is true, and everything supports that, then their mental fortitude is astonishing, especially since they behave in the way they do.

Tuatha – The Tuatha tend to what remains of the Bloom. If ever their mission was to fail, we would all be doomed.


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