This pride of primates are an exclusive club (note, they also allow dog himsatis, but they are treated as beloved servants). They know that humanity, not immortals, are the ones that will claim the galaxy. They will be able to traverse the Dominions with no fear of the Lash. We must prepare them, socially, mentally, spiritually for this eventuality. Perhaps, when the day comes that they are ready, we can give them Sunedrion saplings, and prey that they take root in the Dominions, which would bring a new golden age for our race. We work to empower mankind so that we can empower ourselves.

They support the Stratagem, and are very cunning players.

They do not understand the need for the Silence, many of them never saw the results of the Lash.

They never use their Himsatis, for the human form is the end result of evolution and development. And yet they will only allow primate (and canine) himsatis.

They are the pride most intertwined with humanity, living among them, acting as them.

They obey the Masquerade almost without trying. They try very hard to be human.

Regarding other prides:

Anopheles- These little house cats have spent too long in the lap of luxury. They may enjoy their lives, but they are wasting them.

Arachne – Their very nature is alien and fearsome. They feed on the emotions of others like some sort of leech. Avoid them.

Banjax – We see kindred spirits in the Banjax. They often fight for the oppressed, the underdog. But too few of them are worthy of respect, and too many are just hooligans.

Dracul – The Dracul have shown tendencies in the past to abuse man. They claim that hardship forges the soul and breaks the slag.

Magdalen – The Erudites capitalize on the creations of man. They analyze every scrap and claim insight into the nature of the beast. Surely they understand they are nothing but a middleman, and all the same information can be gathered directly from men?

Nimrod – If you follow the rules, you have nothing to fear from these women.

Phoenix – Why do they try so hard to change man? They force him down their own paths, instead of guiding him.

Peri – The Peri have often aligned their goals with ours. Wherever man is suffering, you will find us both.

Terat – The beasts haunt the dreams of man like they once hunted us on the plains. We warred with them then, the stratagem stays our hand now, but we still thwart them wherever we can.

Tuatha – The druids are content to stay in their gardens. Let them let the world pass by.


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