Once a part of Pride Anopholes, Pride Magdalen can also lay claim to members that were involved in summoning the Trine, discovering methods and skills of the Abzulim. Since their inception, Pride Magdalen has gathered knowledge of all kinds, from Immortal lore to a myriad of mundane skills. If it was ever taught or written down, chances are pretty good the Magdalen have a copy. There is a group within the pride that is said to only meditate on the Aria, and that they develop new Attentions and Serenades for the pride.

They support the Stratagem, they were once the scepter pride.

They are divided about the Silence. Some feel that the Lash was a prime example of how complex the Aria is, and that something of a completely unknown nature could do something else just as devastating, if not worse. Some feel that every time we allow Taint into ourselves, we only increase it’s presence in the universe, further decreasing available immaculum, and therefore lessening our lifespans. Some feel that the entire universe is described in the Aria, and that with a large enough chorus, we could remake reality as we saw fit.

They hate their himsatis. It represents all that is bestial and primal in us, and it has no place in a learned society.

They watch Humanity as scientists watch fruit flies. However, due to the Ban, they must Sin for immaculum. Thus their interactions with humanity are cold and callous at best.

They follow the Masquerade by keeping their dealings with humanity brief. Those that they sin against are quieted, one way or another.

Regarding other prides:

Anopheles- Do not discount the power that they hold. The parties and decadence are a show that they can afford, but manipulating that which is most primal in us gives them a power that can destroy our foundation.

Arachne – They strive to master the nature of the universe, and have strove for as long as they have existed. They seem to have very little to show for it.

Banjax – Too often have these freedom fighters caused unacceptable collateral damage. Even when they do the right thing, their wild swings destroy half of what they are fighting for.

Dracul – The dragons respect our ways and ideals. We appreciate their care for the world and wisdom.

Eremites – These hypocrites would doom us all to enslavement to mankind.

Morrigan – The Scepter on high, these immortals have always been aloof and stand-offish, and have always opposed new members to the Stratagem, including us. That said, we are currently in pretty good standing in each others eyes.

Nimrod – We should oppose this pride at every available opportunity. They imprisoned the immortal race, when we were so close to a solution. They used their position to place a curse upon us that only increases taint and entropy in the universe. Their agenda dooms our entire race.

Phoenix – The Phoenix are too fixated on destroying the past to make way for the future. ’If I have seen greater vistas than any other, it is only because I stood upon the shoulders of giants."

Peri – The Peri are one of the most ancient prides, but so few of them that are left actually were around back then. Fewer still recall.

Terat – The Terat bring hope that we can exile the beast from our minds. If only we didn’t have to become a beast to do it.

Tuatha – The Tuatha act in the same capacity as we do, they simply seek and gather and guard the last bastions of deep nature. The Sunedrion seem to produce immaculum, and may be our only hope of a permanent solution.


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