The Morrigan pride are the current Scepter of the Stratagem. They are avian in nature, and this gives them a sense of being higher than others, and as such are typically haughty. They walk the walk, however, and have demonstrated such to the Jury.

The obviously support the Strategem.

They do not appreciate, but begrudgingly follow the Silence.

They support the Masquerade and are typically the most active in the execution of duties pertaining to it. Their avian nature gives them an advantage in detecting breaches and resolving the problem, allowing them opportunities to count Coup on the offending party.

They use their Himsati, but typically not for combat, and not to the extent that a Terat does, mostly just for transportation and observation.

They regard Humanity as important for providing immaculum, but they don’t study the minutia of human civilization the way some prides do.

Regarding other prides:

Anopheles- These self termed pedagogues never let us forget that they led the revolt against the Abzulim that freed us all those millions of years ago. And yet all they do is revel in debauchery, attempting to improve their station by dragging others down with offers to avarice, lust, and gluttony.

Arachne- They claim to be without emotion, and some of their erratic behaviors suggest that their may be truth to that. But that is not the whole truth, for they are able to manipulate emotions with some degree of skill, and how would that be possible from a creature that no longer feels? Their agenda is a mystery to us, and so we study what patterns they do present.

Banjax – Rebels without a cause. They simply like to stir up trouble. They have built empires and then toppled those same empires. They claim to be freeing the spirit of man, but all they do is break the system.

Dracul – These mystic warriors have a long and prestigious history. We must carefully watch their actions, lest they overtake our position.

Eremites – These crusaders claim that mankind deserves the earth more than we do. They would relegate us as second to the humans. Some of them even embrace the religions of the mortals. We invented religion! Their claims of human superiority are misguided attempts to claim to be superior among us.

Magdalen – The scholars of our kind. They gather up any little scrap of information and squirrel it away in their libraries, shutting it away from the world. Perhaps they would be a threat if they ever used that knowledge against the other prides, instead of simply to acquire more tomes and maps. They learn all they can about the world and then shut themselves away from it.

Nimrod – Who can say anything about the Nimrod other than we distrust them? We all remember Sheol, starving for immaculum and for freedom. If it weren’t for the Banjax we might still be there. They don’t even really participate in the stratagem, they simply follow their own agenda and mete out whatever punishments they see fit for breaking the silence.

Phoenix – We have some strong similarities with this pride. The major difference is that we are all unique individuals, and the Phoenix are mostly scions of the same being, brought into being by that wondrous artifact, the True Flame. Such a powerful piece of palladium is the only reason this pride even exists. Their penchant for destruction is how we can maintain the upper hand. The have to spend the effort to rebuild.

Peri – Mercenaries to the end, The Peri do not seem to have a pride agenda. They are fiercely independent, and while their members strongly support what they feel are noble causes, we can’t count the times we’ve seen them on both sides of a fight. At least they won’t fight each other, else they might not be even the small pride they are today.

Terat – These savages are practically jumping out of their skins to return to the Sanguinary‘s embrace. They spend so much time in Himsati that they don’t even know what they look like as humans. They claim mastery over the Morpheum, but we all know that’s where the beast rules. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are still under the beast’s influence and it is some grand ruse against us.

Tuatha – They are only members of the stratagem in name, they do not actively participate. They are content to tend their trees and we are content to ignore them.


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