This pride has gotten a bad reputation by doing the things that simply needed to be done. Immortals broke free from the Abzulim, and after winning the war, took over the dominions and crowned themselves the new overlords. Eventually, these new overlords clashed and we had the Shouting wars. Our Voxes wrought such destruction, we threatened to rip the very fabric of reality apart. The Aria retaliated, and delivered unto us the Lash. The Lash ripped through us as a plague, infecting our voxes and driving us mad. Those deep in its grip were gibbering engines of death who besides the actual devastation they sowed, also infected anyone that they encountered. We could not stop them, lest we become them. So we did what we had to do. We gathered up the unaffected and we brought them to Sheol. A Mantle on the one world they would not approach, the Habitat. We watched, and we waited. We had to guard the survivors so that they would not attempt to return to the Dominions and feed the plague. We thought it would burn itself out. But before we could be certain the lash had subsided, those that would become the Banjax ruined the plan and broke everyone out. So now, we watch and we enforce the Silence, for the Lash is transferred from vox to vox by serenades. We hope that it will be enough, for none have yet returned who have succumbed. The Lash may be the final death.

They support the Stratagem, it gives a method and framework that allows them to enforce the Silence.

They created and enforce the Silence with ruthless abandon. If the Lash ever reached the Habitat, all would be lost.

They use a secret method by which they extract and enslave their Himsatis, placed on a silver leash and chained to the Nimrod’s wrist.

They do not care one way or the other about humanity. Much like a human doesn’t care one way or another about cows.

They employ a fair number of Jugglers to cover up their own activities. Breaking the masquerade in order to do their duty is an acceptable situation.

Regarding other prides:

Anopheles- The Anopheles flaunt their superiority, with nothing to back it up that has happened within the last million years. Sure, they have had their ups and downs, but nothing more than any other pride.

Arachne – The collective follows our rules, and our fights over territory haven’t been too bad.

Banjax – The destroyers. If not for these beings, we might have eradicated the lash and been able to return to the Dominions. Their short-sightedness may yet doom us all.

Dracul – The Dracul realize the importance of our Silence, and even surrendered themselves to Sheol.

Eremites – The apes depend so heavily on their terrean form that they also depend on their voices for many things. They also consider themselves superior and thus tend to disregard the silence.

Magdalen – The cabalistic members of our race, they assume that all problems can be resolved with the Aria, completely disregarding the hard evidence of how the Aria responds to our meddling. As if the Lash wasn’t enough, they continue to press the boundaries. At least we have slowed them with the Ban.

Morrigan – The birds tend to break our silence more often than not, and then fall back on their claim as scepter as some sort of defense. The Jury fear the lash as much as we do, and the bird’s pleas are often in vain.

Phoenix – The Phoenix are terrible offenders, for they seem to show no fear of taint. Most of them also never experienced the Lash. Their ignorance puts our race in danger.

Peri – The sleeping children often do not speak at all. It has been long since we heard a Peri Null.

Terat – The Terat harbored the fugitives of Sheol, and for this we cannot forgive. They should be treated as the enemy and regarded with prejudice.

Tuatha – The Tuatha also willingly submitted to Sheol, after they witnessed the destruction of their Sundrion during the Shouting wars. They saw the wisdom of silencing all, to save what was left.


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