The children of war. Pride Peri’s story is one of sadness, and pride. The beginnings of Pride Peri can be traced to the forges of the Abzulim, who bound immortal souls into their weapons of war. The Paragons of the pride have shown up at various points all throughout history. Mjolnir, Longinus, Caliburn, Aegis, Scramasax, Solitare, are names that echo through both mortal and immortal history alike. Throughout the ages, Pride Peri has dwindled, being lost to both the Blue Air and as members have hibernated and remained lost in ancient troves. There have been a few instances of an infusion of new members, the largest and most recent being the children’s crusade. The almost failing pride supported the army of children that had been pressed into service against the Saracens. The Peri, as a pride, protected the children and finally granted them immortality and uplifted them into the pride. As such, most modern Peri are children.

A Peri will bond with a mortal just as easily as an immortal, and actually prefer mortal wielders. A Peri is a fearsome foe on his own, but when a Peri gives himself completely to a wielder, that wielder becomes nearly invincible.

Peri have an advantage against the ennui of the ages; They hibernate, resting in their Himsati forms, often in long forgotten armories, lost on ancient battlefields, and other obscure places. When a resting Peri is discovered, they do not always awake immediately, but the clash of battle will inevitably rouse them. Woe to those who knowingly misuse a sleeping Peri, for their vengeance will come when the wielder is depending on them to survive an already bad situation.

They are the newest members of the Stratagem, Calibern marched the army of the Peri to Atlantis and demanded representation, and was allowed entry by a vote of 5 for (Terat, Anopheles, Banjax, Eremites, Dracul), 4 against (Arachne, Nimrod, Magdalen, Tuatha), Morrigan and Phoenix abstain. The vote occurred shortly after the Children’s crusade (1220 AD), as before this time, the pride was too small for membership.

They follow the Silence, for they do not choose to settle conflicts with their voice, preferring combat.

They are very well trained in their Himsatis, they have mastered a technique where they manifest aspects of their Himsati in miniature with limbs. Turning a punch into a dagger, a flying kick into a spear, a slap into a hammer-blow. A Peri in a fight is constantly morphing limbs in and out of weapon forms. As dangerous as a Peri is in single combat, they cannot compare to the contained fury that is exhibited when they are bonded to a wielder, for they add their strength, their toughness, their quickness, and their skill to that of the wielder, achieving levels of prowess that are unheard of for any single being, even immortal beings.

The interactions that the Peri have with humanity is typically as savior. When a noble person or cause is threatened by insurmountable odds and facing destruction, Peri will sometimes bond with them and lend their strength to the cause. Once the day or cause is won or lost, the Peri will move on. Even the noblest of causes and men must somehow come to terms of payment that the Peri will accept, often in the form of tithing immaculum.

The Masquerade is easy enough for the Peri to maintain, so they do.

Regarding other prides:

The Peri are mercenaries, but always listen to their own individual morals to decide what causes they will champion, and who they will bond with. These bonds do not come cheap, often involving very valuable objects, such as conundrum fragments or arks worth of stored immaculum. A Peri will almost always accept conundrum fragments as payment, but it is unknown why they value the substance so highly.

As such, the pride itself does not hold opinions on the other prides.


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