The pride of the Horned Lord is an unusual story. Pride Phoenix was engendered by the Horned Lord, who used powerful artifacts to imbue his scions with immortality. These creations were without true individual personalities, and were subject to his mental control. He instructed these scions to each create scions of their own, who were also under his control. In this way, the pride became very powerful almost overnight. Since then, the pride has become more accepting, allowing others to join, but they are still subjected to some sort of secret uplifting ceremony that leaves them forever changed. Every member of pride Phoenix is touched by fire. Legend tells that the men of pride Phoenix used to be the male members of pride Nimrod. Phoenix denies this, pointing to their origins from a single immortal.

They are members of the Stratagem, but they can hardly be said to be supporting members. They do, however, realize the value of a nonlethal system.

They do not support the Silence, they feel that to deny any part of us is to deny who we are.

They embrace their Himsatis almost as much as Pride Terat does. However they must be careful, for they have a unique trait that is both a gift and a curse. Should a mortal see a Phoenix in himsati, their belief doesn’t color their perception the way it does with most. They see the magnificent being of fire. These Genies are empowered by the mortal until the wish is fulfilled, but they are nonetheless bound to that mortal’s desires until the wish is fulfilled.

Their unique relationships with mortals bind them to humanity much closer than all but the Eremite Pride. A Genie bound to a pure mortal is a powerful force for good. However it is not unheard of for a Phoenix to become bound by a tainted mortal, becoming a twisted Effreet. These bonds are sacred to pride Phoenix, who will never interfere with any bond, nor do they explain it’s nature outside their pride.

Pride Phoenix has never removed any memories from a bonded mortal, during or after the bonding. They do not respect the Masquerade in these regards. In every other way they support the Masquerade.

Regarding other prides:

Arachne – These heartless creatures cannot understand our passions, what drives us and mankind alike. The emotions that fuel our spirit is what the Arachne both fear and forget.

Anopheles- The Anopheles seek to compel and control that which we seek to free. We must be careful around these sirens, for they can turn our passions against us. Listen to our probes, they can see the subtle strings these hedonists weave about you. That said, we are still in a loose alliance with this pride.

Banjax – Brothers in spirit, we have allied with them on occasion, trading our skill for what Palladium can be found in their wake.

Dracul – The pride of dragons has often opposed our efforts to collect palladium from their lands, and has not accepted our offer to act as mercenaries for the rights to claim the substance.

Eremites – The fathers of Rome are not to be trusted. They may not have invented treachery, but they sure have become well practiced in its art.

Magdalen – The Magdalen seem to have developed some sort of process similar to what the One Flame does, as we have seen their members acquire and discard taboos at a rapid rate.

Morrigan – The Morrigan have become so good at the political game that they have begun to curb development of our race, even their own, to play the game. This can not be what the Jury wanted.

Nimrod – Our nemesis and our sisters. The origins of our pride is deeply intertwined with the Nimrod, and while we are not exactly a splinter of Nimrod, some our members were indeed former members of Pride Nimrod.

Peri – The Peri are great allies, but fickle ones. They believe that to ally with anyone too long will create an imbalance, and that’s bad for business.

Terat – Often have we worked hand in hand with the Terat. In Africa, Mesopotamia, North America. They are more than they seem to be, and foolishly courageous, striking at the beast in it’s lair.

Tuatha – The druids guard Gynnah, the place of our lord’s rebirth. The trees and the bloom are our salvation.


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