Pride Terat is a founding member of the Stratagem. However, Pride Terat is still not well trusted, having only several thousand years ago broken free from the Sanguinary’s mental control. Unlike previous instances of large groups of immortals being freed by destruction, the Paragon of Terat (Ammut) freed himself with a secret mental exercise that is closely guarded by the members of the pride. The pride is largely made up of those with monstrous and grotesque Himsatis, which they embrace and take as a point of pride.

The Terat, along with others led by the Solitare, built Atlantis during the time that most immortals were imprisoned in Sheol. The Terat were not imprisoned due to the fact that they lived and thrived mostly in the Underworld, a mantle that spread the globe, with various entry points underground. As the other prides emerged from Sheol, the Terat offered to allow them into the sanctuary of Atlantis, provided that the Terat were treated as equals. Shortly after this point, the Stratagem is formed.

They support the Stratagem, but do not like that the prides still practice infighting, simply with different tactics and weapons. The idea of the stratagem was to be peaceful competition to train to fight the enemy.

They follow the Silence, for they do not choose to settle conflicts with their voice, preferring combat.

The Terat are considered by most to be masters of Himsati. Terat focus the evolution of their forms in a martial manner, growing horns, claws, stingers, etc. They train tirelessly against each other to master the use of their forms. They also train their minds to recognize and expel the Sanguinary, so they say.

The Terat interact heavily with humanity, but mostly in dreams. Some of the younger Terat who are still able to partially blend in with humanity accomplish most of the tasks that interact with humanity in the real world. They realize that humanity is both the hiding place of the beast’s consciousness, and the source of immaculum that keeps the Himsati race alive.

The Terat are heavily persecuted by mankind when they are found, and mortal history is rife with tales of mortals seeking down and destroying Terat. As such, they try to keep the Masquerade, which often means they simply do not enter the world of men at all.

Regarding other prides -

Anopheles- The Anopheles were once the greatest of the immortals. Warrior scholars, masters of the arcane, seekers of lost lore. But the best of them have left for other prides, all that remains are the manipulators. Those who harness the true movers and doers, rather than actually accomplishing anything for themselves.

Arachne- The Hive-mind is a scary concept. Trade most of yourself to become a part of a whole. There is comfort and security in the hive, but there are prices to pay for it. An Arachne separated from the hive is an unpredictable foe, some will cower, some will rage.

Banjax – Kindred spirits, warriors in the cause, but they toss aside their greatest weapon out of fear.

Dracul – The Dragon cult claims to be evolving to the perfect form. We say that the perfect form is formless, the legendary Chimera that can assume any and all aspects at will.

Eremites – Very rarely have we had good relations with the Eremites. They curse and spit on us, calling us monsters and on more than one occasion, trying to drive us back into the underworld. But we have thrived on the fear and hatred of others.

Magdalen – The guardians of our lore and knowledge. Their halls are wonders where the walls literally do talk, and they remember our history.

Morrigan – The Morrigan have become masters of the Stratagem, forgetting that it is only a game. Hopefully they remember the purpose when it is actually needed.

Nimrod – The Nimrod played a strange role in our acceptance. Without them, we might still be on the outskirts of immortal society. The silence is a necessary evil, and it’s enforcers must exist, but they are often overzealous.

Phoenix – Pride Phoenix began as an army of mind controlled clones preaching about personal liberty. They have become a beacon of hope for humanity, and we see their fire burning in the Morpheum.

Peri – Long have the Peri been our companions, sharing the Underworld and the Walk with us, allying with us against the darker denizens of the deep. They are under-represented, and more than anyone realizes slumber still throughout the Walk.

Tuatha – The Tuatha guard the forests, both supernatural and mundane. Without the wild places of the world, where would the monsters hide?


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