The Tuatha trace their lineage back to the original slave races of the Abzulim, the Aesir and the Vanir. Over millions of years and many, many events, groups of immortals formed other prides, left, rejoined, splintered, died and flourished. Through it all, the Tuatha have remained in the wild areas of the world, especially their emerald isles. The immortal race, ever since the Bloom of the Sunedrion trees and the promise that they bring, has realized the importance of the trees. The Sunedrion forests used to stretch throughout the Dominions, but were destroyed in the Shouting Wars. The last remnants of the Sunedrion remain here on earth, in the wild places that are dwindling. The Amazon basin, the Russian and Canadian taiga, the jungles of Congo. There are a few mantles that contain Sunedrion wealds, but they are guarded both in fact and in knowledge. The Tuatha believe, with good reason, that the Sunedrion trees are the only true source of new immaculum, and that without them, the immortal race would be living on borrowed time, until all life withered and died. The only activity which will draw a Tuatha away from the forests for any length of time is to seek out and destroy the Zuzog trees, Sunedrion which have become tainted. Although the Zuzog trees are believed to be eradicated.

The Tuatha follow the Stratagem, and have been outstanding members, albeit unambitious ones.

They follow the Silence when they are away from their forests, for fear of taint and impurity.

The Tuatha often embrace their himsati, when in proximity of a Sunedrion tree. The trees grant them strength to resist the Sanguinary. Away from their trees, they very rarely assume Himsati.

The Tuatha typically do not interact with humanity much, except to drive them away from their forests. Lately, Tuatha agents have been found dealing with businesses in order to guide projects away from the deep wildernesses of the world.

The Tuatha are huge proponents of the Masquerade. The Fey have been using illusion and trickery for tens of thousands of years to steer any and all away from their groves.

Regarding other prides -

The Tuatha do not judge prides as a whole, their ancient origins remind them of a time of individual immortals, forming power blocs based on their strength alone. They always seek to understand the individual they are dealing with, often resorting to trickery, illusion and mental influence to determine the character and values. The Keeper calling is most prevalent among the Tuatha, who guard their wealds fiercely. Other prides typically will not interfere with the work of a Tuatha agent, as the Himsati race as a whole seeks to preserve the Sunedrion trees that remain. It is rare to see a Tuatha that is tainted, as proximity to the trees seems to prevent or heal taint, but when one is discovered, the Tuatha themselves will pay exorbitant ransoms in immaculum, visage and even Palladium for the capture and return of their fallen brethren.


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