“The paths of communication are the lifelines of every world, every civilization wrought by every creature. We are the heralds of Perpetual Society, the bearers of good news, and bad. We carry decrees and strategies up and down the stair of command. As the mouths of the pride, we form the network of truth. Our reputation for loyalty and accuracy is well known through the Society. If we have spoken it, it has been said.”

Emissaries are the messengers of immortals, considered to be infinitely more reliable than any other means of transmitting communication since emissaries are so able to intercept them. Having a photographic memory and enhanced perceptions, emissaries are able to deliver a message in the same tonal inflections and dialect in which it was given to them. In fact, they can commit to memory complex imagery and describe it in every detail. Oftentimes, important objects are placed into their hands for delivery from one immortal to the next. The power of the emissary calling is immense; with a word they can consign a pride to unalterable courses of actions. To balance this power, they are monitored by probes for any hint of falsehood.

Members of the emissary calling, historically mistaken at times for angels, are always accorded immunity in the performance of their duties. Only when they are discovered in the act of counting coup on another pride can this immunity be revoked. Emisaries are often the source of rumors that circulate throughout the Perpetual Society, many of which are carefully crafted falsehoods designed to advance the schemes of the pride to which they belong.

Famous Emissaries:
Hermes, Pride Magdalen
Iris, Pride Nimrod
Sandalphon, Metatron, Pride Eremite
Hugin and Munin, Pride Morrigan
Shango, Pride Phoenix
Aradia, Pride Anopheles


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