As an immortal gains strength, they ascend the himsati tiers. As they ascend the himsati tiers, they develop and refine their form, striving for Eidos, the perfect realization of their form. Along the way, they develop new abilities, or refine their current ones for greater speed, power, or control. Within the immortal society, the abilities are called Natures, or sometimes, Evolutions. As defined in the system, natures are acquired every three himsati tiers for most immortals. Outside of prime natures, those which are innate to an immortal’s basic form, every nature has an associated forte or halo color. Orange natures are aggressive in nature, while blue natures assist or impede with observation somehow. Below you will find a short list of natures that should give you an idea of some of the myriad powers that may be found within immortal society.

Please note that while they may not all be mentioned here, there is some sort of nature that will act as if you added your CI to your halo for a specialized task (such as heightened sense of vision or smell adding CI to blue, or Armor adding CI to violet)

You can also find some concepts explained via natures here

Absorb Element

An element (or even animal) must be chosen at the time this power is selected. The immortal can thereafter, when this nature is activated, absorb the element described and hold it within their body. The size, number, or volume of element will be proportional to their Raw Immaculum (RI). With this power, a fire himsati can put out a raging house fire, a water himsati could drain a reservoir, a shadow himsati could absorb darkness, bringing illumination to an otherwise dark room, a leopard himsati could potentially trap several leopards. The element could then be expelled as a projectile with range and damage defined by Current Immaculum (CI). In the case of an immortal attempting to use this power to absorb an attack, they must first allow themselves to be struck and take the damage from the blow before absorbing the element or weapon. The immortal must purge their form of any absorbed materials before transforming back into Terrene form.

Aspect – Violet; Duration – Special; Cost – 1 (0 for the element or animal of your specific himsati)


You grow some sort of dense fur, bony plates, dense musculature, thick blubber, chitinous shell, etc. This armor is based on your CI and is applied the same as violet motes.

Aspect – Violet; Duration – Indefinite; Cost – 1 (0 for mammals, stone himsatis, or where the specific himsati is known for their defenses, such as turtles)


While utilizing this nature, you gain a bonus according to your CI against any tactical hostile based on narrow ledges, slippery or unstable ground, etc.

Aspect – Yellow; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for insects or animals known for good balance, such as cats or kangaroos)

Beauty/Terrible Countenance

With these natures, an immortal in himsati form becomes so beautiful or terrifying that an opponent must overcome a red hostile based on the immortal’s CI to take action against them. Rolling a null on this hostile indicates that the opponent will protect a beautiful creature or flee from a terrifying one. In either case, the immortal attacking the opponent will nullify this advantage.

Aspect – Red; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for fire, some plant himsatis, and some bird species)

Burning Essence

With this nature, you can, at will, burst into fire which will burn everything you touch for damage up to your CI. You can select to apply less of this nature as you see fit, making you able to have the appearance of being on fire, but not actually harm or consume that which you touch. In the case of combat, this damage is applied separately from blows, potentially allowing you to do two wound ranks per action, but not allowing you to add this damage to a physical blow. (you can’t stack natural weaponry and burning essence to do orange + 2x CI in one blow) However this also would apply every time you are struck in combat.

Aspect – Red; Duration – Indefinite; Cost: 1 (0 for fire himsatis)

Control Element

An element (or animal) must be chosen at the time this power is selected. The immortal can, when this nature is active, mentally command the element or animal chosen. The uses are dependent upon the element or animal, but all are based upon your CI. If you chose an element or animal that matches your himsati, the cost is lowered, but the companion hostile must be rolled if there is any taint within your halo. Failing this hostile not only indicates that you have failed to control the element or animal, but also that the element or animal will turn against you.

Aspect – Red; Duration – indefinite; Cost – 1 (0 for the element or animal of your specific himsati) Can be negated by taint


With this nature an immortal can cling to a surface like a spider, allowing him to climb vertical surfaces and even suspend from the ceiling. In any contest or challenge involving his clinging ability, the strength of the bond is determined by his RI. An immortal can even carry a weight in this manner; the immortal can not carry more than his orange halo would allow.

Aspect – Green; Duration- Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for insect, arachnid and some lizard himsati)


This nature allows an immortal to navigate with subtle pulses of sound, locating solid objects via an active sonar. This grants a bonus equal to your RI against any visibility hostiles when you can use sound. Loud noises will add an additional hostile, but can not negate this ability.

Aspect – Blue; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for bats and some aquatic himsati)

Elongated Limbs

This nature grants you extra long limbs, which you can use to strike your opponent from greater distances than normal. Range is based upon other active himsati natures and CI. You are able to use the reach advantage to subtract your CI from your opponents dodge roll. Also, your opponent must succeed at a called shot hostile (equal to your RI + the called shot hostile chart) in order to strike anything other than your limbs.

Aspect – Yellow; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for some insects and arachnids, several forms of jellyfish and squid)

Mist/Smoke Form

With this nature you are able to, at will, transform into a fine mist or smoke, allowing you to fit through any opening that is not air tight. While in this form you can not attack nor be attacked by any physical means. You are still able to attempt serenades, and serenades are able to target you. You can carry animate or inanimate objects with you, based on your RI. Finally, you can also create a visibility hostile (equal to your RI) by surrounding an area (determined by your RI) with your ‘body’. Rolling a null on this hostile will add +1 difficulty to all other rolls for the remainder of combat.

Aspect – Red; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1


Simply, this nature grants the ability to fly. A Peri can become a dancing weapon, wielded by no one, a fire himsati can blaze like a comet across the sky, etc. Your green Halo determines speed and control.

Aspect – Green; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for wind himsati)


This nature allows an immortal to add their CI to any other nature that describes movement, such as flying, wings, gliding, burrowing, phasing, etc.

Aspect – Green; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1


You can mimic any (non supernatural) sound that you have heard. Immortals with this nature have learned to combine their vox with their mortal vocal chords and are able to imitate almost any sound on earth, from the cries of an infant to a herd of charging elephants to a complex symphony. An opponent with a blue halo greater than your CI is able to detect falsehood within the mimicry.

Aspect – Red; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1(0 for birds)

Natural Weaponry

With this nature you grow claws, fangs, bone spurs, horns, thorns, etc. When using these weapons, you add your CI to your damage rolls.

Aspect – Orange; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for any creature appropriate weaponry, and stone himsati)

Phasing – Material

When this nature is taken, a material must be defined, such as stone, or ice. You are then able to pass without trace through the named material. You can carry animate or inanimate objects with you, the mass of which is determined by your CI. The speed of phasing through that material will be determined by the purity of that material and your green halo. Phasing-Stone includes dirt, but not ice. Significant deposits of metal or gems will prevent passage. You are unable to breathe while phased, and must either surface or otherwise solve that issue.

Aspect – Green; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for himsati-appropriate phasing)


This nature allows the immortal to create a pain hostile appropriate to any wound they inflict with their poisoned weapons or other vector. When selected, the immortal must indicate how they will deliver the poison, via thorns, fangs, claws, spitting, etc. Once delivered, treat the poison as any other poison. Note: a null on any pain hostile brings unconsciousness.

Aspect – Orange; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for appropriate himsati)


This nature is loosely defined in order to allow diversity in explanation, but ultimately describes the ability to deliver a potent musk, spore, pollen or other vector which causes severe discomfort in another being. This creates an Irritant (violet) hostile in the victim based on your RI. The area or range of this nature is defined by your RI, and depending on how it is manifested, may be targeted or an area of effect. As an area of effect, there is no way to separate friend from foe.

Aspect – Orange; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for appropriate himsati, such as skunk, or poison ivy)


This nature allows you to enter into your companion and be rendered undetectable. Your halo is dimmed while you are secluded. A fire himsati could hide within a bonfire, a horse himsati could enter a horse and travel within it. While secluded, your vital needs are filled by your companion.

Aspect – Yellow; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for esoteric himsati) Note: the companion hostile comes into play when using this nature.


This nature allows you to secrete an oily substance, making you difficult to grab and hold. You add your RI to any defensive grappling checks and held hostiles.

Aspect – Yellow; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1

Sleeping Lungs

This nature removes the need to breathe.

Aspect – Violet; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for stone and water himsati)


This nature allows you to take a statue like state of stillness, and anyone that sees you would mistake you for a lifelike sculpture or excellent taxidermy work. If you have not been identified prior to activating this nature, you will not be detected unless the opponents blue halo exceeds your RI, or you resume movement. You are even immune to such natures as echolocation or infrared vision, but not supernatural sense of smell.

Aspect – Red; Duration – Indefinite until movement; Cost – 1


This nature allows an immortal to disgorge or project their elemental or poison natures as a ranged attack. The attack must be focused, such as a tight stream or single projectile, but gains a bonus of your CI to the attack roll. Damage is based on your CI, in the event of an elemental attack. The poison nature does not inflict a wound, but a successful attack will poison the target for an amount of time determined by the strength of the poison. The immortal cannot ‘run out’ of material to spew.

Aspect – Yellow; Duration – Indefinite; Cost – 1


This nature allows an immortal to instantly heal minor wounds. To an immortal with Solace, only poisoned or companion inflicted wounds are to be feared. This nature causes the immortal to ignore mundane wounds based on their CI. 3 CI means they instantly heal all light wounds, 6 CI means they instantly heal all impairing wounds, etc. Poisoned wounds, wounds inflicted by companions, or wounds inflicted with some other form of aggravating material (such as an immortal cursed to suffer additional damage from silver weapons) cannot be healed with this nature.

Aspect – Violet; Duration – Indefinite; Cost – 2


This nature allows an immortal to sink their feet into the earth and control it to an astonishing degree. You can form a spring, create terrain hostiles based on your CI, create cover, entrap enemies within earthen tombs, etc. Altering the terrain takes your complete concentration, but you can affect an area or number of targets as defined by your CI. You must remain stationary while this nature is active.

Aspect – Green ; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for stone himsati)


You can secrete a sticky webbing that can be used as rope or to create held hostiles in opponents. The webbing has tensile strength based upon your CI, and is sticky to all others (you are immune to the stickiness). Held or close quarters hostiles generated by webbing opponents or their surroundings are equal to your RI. Nulls on this hostile increase future hostiles against that opponent by +1.

Aspect – Orange; Duration – Indefinite; Cost 1 (0 for arachnid himsati)


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