“Our work is a relentless duty, searching night and day for those who vanished from the world under the drab coat of Lethe. For those who have fled from their standing within our society, we are the nets that recapture them and bring them before the hot torch of justice. All who see us fear us. Most despise us. Just remember, we are the only insurance policy you can get in this society with coverage that never expires."

Highbinders are bounty hunters that walk the twilight street, seeking out and capturing, either by force or by subtle manipulation, Ingenue who have forgotten their identity. Most Highbinders are constantly on the move around the globe in search for their quarry, although there are some who focus their attention on territory that they know well. Oftentimes, a Highbinder is sent to recover objects of value to his or her pride. Because of this alternate duty, Highbinders have often been looked upon by other callings as thieves, although no one would ever voice such a sentiment lightly.

In addition to their other duties, Highbinders are occasionally called upon to retrieve members of the Perpetual Society who have been kidnapped, or who have defected to another pride. Since defections can cause a great loss of Visage to a pride, Highbinders seek to regain the defectors in order to reverse that stroke against their own gathering. As a matter of tradition, no one interferes with a Highbinder when he is in pursuit of a defector, preferring to see the quarry remain ahead of the pursuit and thus improve the quarry’s (and thus the new pride’s) Visage. Because a Highbinder will always declare the identity of his victim, further loss of visage from his pride will result if he fails in the capture.

Famous Highbinders:

Heracles, Pride Magdalen and Phoenix
Jason, Pride Magdalen
Cu Chulainn, Pride Phoenix
Atotarho, Pride Tuatha
Loki, Pride Morrigan
Grendel, Pride Terat


Immortal Cullen Cullen