“We dream the Invisible War. Dreaming isn’t such a bad thing, not really. Those immortals who fear it haven’t yet learned to hide from the Sanguinary‘s jaws, the Morpheum. Dreaming is a rush, like no other danger anywhere. Mortals don’t hold back here in the Morpheum. They don’t pretend. They do whatever they want because they believe, when they awake, that their lust and violence is a private thing. It’s only a dream, right? Uh-huh. The only accounting in the Morpheum is your strength and stealth against someone else’s. If you can’t bang, you hang."

The Sleeper serves a vital purpose in the pride’s structure; in the search for allies within the Morpheum, and in fulfilling the constant duty to confound the Sanguinary’s plans, through dream-assassinations and other forms of terrorism against it’s minions within the dreamscape. In the glass houses of the twilight subconscious, the sleeper must remain unobtrusive, moving like a metaphor through a constantly transforming landscape, while turning to the advantage of his pride any weaknesses he discovers there. In a very real sense, the sleeper is a virus in the biological dream computer that the Sanguinary has constructed in the minds of sleeping mortals. Sleepers attempt to coerce or ally themselves with mortals whose power in the Morpheum or the waking world is great. Any twilight can be king for a day in the surreal land of nightmares. Through the efforts of the sleeper, the truth of what nightmares slumber within the mind of a twilight can open chinks in the armor of the beast.

The second priority of the sleeper is to locate mortals who are actually immortals submerged in the Lethe state. Through discovery and early guidance, sleepers can build resources that will eventually aid them and their prides in the waking world.

A disadvantage common to the sleeper is the difficulty members have relating to the “reality” of the waking world, with its apparent permanence contrasting with the ever-changing topography of the Morpheum. Because of this mind-set, sleepers often seem untrusting and non-committal, since they do not fully comprehend that any situation can last for more than a brief moment in time. Perceived by others with a sense of awe, sleepers sometimes acquire a stigma of mistrust from their waking peers. Being close to the lair of the Sanguinary, they run the greatest risk of direct corruption. For this reason, they are constantly monitored for psychological changes by their prides Probes.

There are two types of sleepers in the Morpheum. The Nightmares promote violence against the Sanguinary and any twilight who may be in the thrall of the beast. They perform acts of terrorism, fear and assassination in pursuit of their duty. Often they kill sleeping mortals, whose deaths are usually explained away as heart failure or as the product of some other natural cause. The second type of sleeper is known as a Reverie. Reveries promote enlightenment and instruction within the Morpheum, attempting to promote with pleasure what the Nightmares are unable to gain by force.

The sleepers of all prides maintain a fortress within the Morpheum surrounded by their sleeping allies to conceal it’s presence from the Sanguinary and his minions. One of it’s two gates is made from horn (from which issue Nightmares) and the other is made from ivory (from which issues Reveries.)

Famous Sleepers:
Eros, Pride Anopheles
Morpheus, Endymion, Pride Magdalen
Arawn, Pride Tuatha
Medea, Pride Nimrod
Ilya Moromytes, Pride Eremite
Chuang Kung, Pride Dracul
Lilith, Pride Arachne
Phantasus, Pride Phoenix


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